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These are some of the various genre dropdowns created to help organize the 'Space. If you want more info (or want to join one of them), click on the corresponding image or e-mail the administrator.
If your dropdown is missing, contact us, and we'll get it linked or even host it for you if you ask nicely :).

Disclaimer: The Gear is not responsible for anything other than the hosting of these dropdowns, any complaints about content should be sent to the comic(s) concerned.

How to Make Your Own Dropdowns

(This page is going to be relpaced by a hub page listing the various dropdowns [like this]. For more information, please read this thread on the forums. -Seven^3)
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KeenBots Run by Roberto Perez of Never-Ending Quest

Sign up here for comics that feature robots.

KeenAmp Run by Nick Sacco of DUKTAP

Sign up here for keencomics with themes pertaining to music, or that have to do with bands.

KeenShift Run by Zuri of Shifters

Sign up here for keencomics with shapeshifters as their main characters or main characters that shapeshift/transform for some reason.

Talking Animals of Keen Run by huttgirl of ParalleL wooD

Sign up here for strips that have a talking animal as one of the reaccurring characters. By talking animals, I mean "normal" animals that have the strange abbillity to talk Like Daisy from my comic, or Pig from Jackie's Fridge, or Bun-Bun from Sluggy Freelance. (Furries don't count. Besides, there's already a drop down for them!)

KeenSprite Run by Conrad Fursa and Jen Bruk of Farmboy

Sign up here for Keenspace Sprite Comics! For those of you who don't know, a sprite is a character taken directly from a video game.

ColorSpace Run by Rebecca Veverka of When in Doubt

Sign up here if every single one of your comics is in color.

ChristSpace Run by AlphaMole of T.A.N.D.U.

Sign up here for Christan cartoonists. Note from the admin: your comic WILL NOT get in if it displays lewd content, foul-language(asterisk-mouths are fine by me), ecetera.

Keenime Run by Bryan Y B Wong of Seasons of Constancy and Pelolos

Sign up here for Anime/Manga influenced comics.

KeenManga Run by Jess Idres of Yin and Yang

Sign up here for MANGA-styled comics. Warning: watching one episode of Pokemon/Sailor Moon/Dragonball does not count. If you don't meet standards, I will email you and ask why you consider your comic manga-styled.

KeenCoven Run by Scott of Psychic Dyslexia Institute

Sign up here for strips for, by, about or friendly to Witches, Pagans, Animists, Pantheists, polytheists, techno-pagans, Odinists, Asatru, Satanists, practitioners of Vodoun and Santeria, occultists, and other followers of paths Not Quite Mainstream...

KeenSchool Run by Martin of Minor Reality

Sign up here "for Junior or High School type comics."

Epic Run by Leviathan of Heaven & Earth

Sign up here if your strip "has long, involving storylines that just don't make any sense when not read in their entirety."

Keen Shojo Run by Chibi Alex of Chibi Alex-chan's Manga

Sign up here if your strip "is made by woman for woman in an anime/manga style. "

For Keen comics by female artists. Run, at the moment, by a non-member, Scott Maddix of PDI. Sign up here.
Fresh Keen Run by Barry Figgins of Only One

Sign up here if your strip is brand spankin' new on Keenspace.

Run by STrRedWolf of Stalag '99

Sign up here if your strip pushes Linux, FreeBSD, heck anything that's Open Sourced (aka licenced to be free and comes with source code) or is mostly made with open source tools (like The GIMP). ...uh, does posting on The Bench count?
Run by The Keenspace Group, administrators of the Gear.

EvilKeenEvil is for strips that reinforce that old adage, "Evil always wins, because good is dumb."
Run by Scott Maddix of PDI.

GaySpace is for comics with gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender characters, or for comics created by the same. Alternate image available:
Run by Scott Maddix of PDI.

KeenTails is for furry, anthro or talking animal strips.
Run by Doc, of Dan and Ed's Super-Fun Adventure Hour.

Kingdoms of Keenspace is for fantasy comics.
Run by The Keenspace Group, administrators of the Gear.

The name says it all. And, no, I don't know why we all humor Damonk so. *g*
Run by James, of Riboflavin.

SuperKeen is for strips starring character who considers themselves "superheroes." Exactly what a superhero is a subject for debate.
Run by McGoo, of Nerdz.

What the Keen? is for those comics that, well, don't have a list to fit on. Thereby making a terrible paradox that threatens all reality. Or something.

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