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Saturday, December 0,  
This is a basic design I've put together to fix the problems with the old site (broken links, rollovers not working, et al). It is, however, a work in progress - it'll take me a about a week to port all of the pages over.
So if you see a bug, let me know on the forums. If it's a visual thing, let me know what browser you're using and include a screen shot if possible.

2003:02:05 Breaking news (fixing 'space)
Kasai has an important announcement on the Help forum. Nuff said :)

2003:01:26 Raids & Backups & Resets - Oh My!
This came over the wire from yesterday. Keenspace may be down but it's far from out...
Hi Folks,

I knew the run was too good to be true. We had been up for 56 straight days without a minute of downtime and had just finished adding new members when the system took a dive.

The problem is serious but is under control. Essentially, we have a raid array on our machine and it is failing. It will require shutting the server down and replacing drives to repair it.

In the meantime, I'm moving all of Keenspace to a server on the West Coast and the move should be finished by about 3PM PST Friday if all goes well.

Then we'll come back up and I'll go to work (with the help of Kisai and Kelly) at rebuilding Schlock (our current mostly dead server) and bringing it back on line.

Thanks to the programming of Kisai, nearly all of Keenspace is database driven which will allow us to bring up the system much faster tomorrow once we finish transferring it.

Additionally, it means that we will be able to expand more easily and use multiple servers. After we come back up, we'll remain on 2 servers permanently and add more as fast as we can. We finally have the software foundation that will allow us to provide much better uptime and really increase the quality of Keenspace. Thanks Kisai.

I'm going to try and sleep some now while the transfer finishes.
Hopefully, it will finish without problems (meaning that the drive won't fail before it's done) and we'll bring the Space back online tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks a lot. Sorry for the problems.


Unfortunatly there were problems, this in today:
Well, this has been a rough ride. The server, Schlock, is now officially dead. Unfortunately, I was not able to complete the entire transfer before it went down.

Of the 7300 accounts on Keenspace, 6007 were successfully transferred. This leaves a bunch of accounts that were not transferred.
At this point, the best solution for these accounts is for us to create empty directory structures and ask you, the artists, to upload your sites again.

So, if you can not ftp in, it's because your account is not set up yet. We'll be setting them up shortly and you'll be able to load your site back up.

Those of you who have hosted domains - we are working to reinstate your domain redirection. These records were lost with the death of Schlock and we have to rebuild them from an old backup. It will probably take the remainder of the day.

It's really unfortunate because I was one minute from sending the lost information to the new server when the entire internet went down last night due to a Microsoft virus. The virus has had a massive effect and crippled the entire internet for most of the night - check out for some interesting graphs.

Unfortunately, by the time I could get back into the server, the hard disk had failed completely.

We're at least operational right now, but it will take a few days for everything to smooth out. Please bear with us.