Signing Up for a Keenspace Account

  1. Before you sign up for an account, here's a small list of what you will need:

    • At least one comic ready for upload. (By rights, you should have more)
    • To know the full phone number for your country. (Don't know your country code? Go here)
    • Lots of patience

  2. The page for signing up is here.
  3. Fill the form fields as follows:

    1. E-mail: - Enter your email address. It's very important to get this right, as you will get your passwords and activation mail sent here.
    2. E-mail Verify: - Enter again as a security measure.
    3. Author Name: - Enter the name you wish to be known by. Can be changed later.
    4. Address Line 1: - Enter address
    5. Address Line 2: - Continue adding address if long
    6. City: - Name of City you live in
    7. State/Province abbr.: - Enter your State or province. Look it up if not sure.
    8. Country: - Enter Country Name. This one is important, it has to match with your phone number.
    9. Postal Code or Zip Code: - Just what it says.
    10. Phone Number: It's important you get this right. The form refuses to accept if the country code doesn't match with country.
    11. [YOURSITENAMEHERE] subdomain wanted - This is very very important to get right because you CANNOT CHANGE IT after you get your account. It becomes both your username AND your website URL. For example entering [thejaded] means in the future, my domain name will be
    12. Comic Title: - The title of your comic. Can be changed later.
    13. Update Offset: - The time you want your comic to update. Just pick one. You can change it later.
    14. Comic Description: - A brief description of your comic. A good description means a higher chance of getting your account.
    15. Pre-existing comic sample (500KB max!): - The single most important thing in your application. To get a account, you MUST submit a COMIC. You cannot submit a photo, or an image with a bunch of text, or a few random doodles. These entries are judged by REAL PEOPLE, so please do NOT muck about. I should not need to mention that insulting Keenspace in the entries is a stupid idea.
    16. Agree to Terms of Agreement: - Check this.

  4. After your application is successfully made out, you should get a confirmation mail. In the mail it says it may take a week or two to process your application. Keep in mind that now Keenspace manual processes applications, it may sometimes take longer.

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