Welcome to Keenspace Gear!

29/03/2005: Added a new template, zip downloads for all other templates, new version of image viewer and a few little modifications

14/03/2005: A small update, with a new tutorial, a new template, and various little fixes, and also added the image viewer to the Captain's Log.

10/09/2004: Massive Update to site. Both Cadet's Manual and Ensign's Handbook are now fully functional!

This site is still under construction, but you can find the old Gear site here.

Hopefully here you'll find all the information you need to get your Keenspace account up and running. Check out the Index of contents below for the listing of what's contained on this site.

If what you're looking for isn't covered here, try posting in the Help Center Forum.

If you're an experienced Space wrangler, please feel free to submit any tutorials or corrections of your own to the current site content.

In exchange I'll be happy to give you advertising space on the page your tutorial will be hosted. Post a message in the Gear Forum or mail me at sphingx (at) yahoo.co.uk for more information.

- Ping @ Phalanx

Index of Contents

  • The Cadet's Manual
    Required reading for Keenspace Cadets (Beginners).
    Contains all the important basics of getting your Keenspace Account up and working, with information on:
    1. Registering for a Keenspace Account
    2. Getting Started
    3. Managing Your Keenspace Account
    4. FTP basics

    Plus sample indextemplates!

  • The Ensign's Handbook
    Information for Intermediate Keenspace users.
    Contains information on the additional features of Keenspace, covering topics such as:
    1. Customising Your Site
    2. KeenTags and How to Use Them
    3. Images and Anti-hotlinking Problems

    And many more!

  • The Captain's Log
    Information for Advanced Keenspacer.
    Tutorial and site links to making better comics.

The List of Important Keenspace Facilities

Log into the SiteAdmin Control Panel
You can modify your settings for your comic here.

Lost and New Password for Keenspace Accounts
You can generate new and customisable passwords here.
You must still have the email you signed up with.

Check Status
You can check the status of your account signup, comic or password here

Lost Forum Password Facility
Go here recover your lost Keenspace forum password
You can also activate inactive forum accounts here.

Web FTP (Beta)
A new facility for FTPing without a downloaded FTP client.

Site RSS
You can check the update status of your website here.
The last line will show you, down to second, the time your site last updated.
Very useful for RSS readers.
An example for sitename 'thejaded'

Keenspace Webalizer Logs
This Webalizer facilty keeps track of useful site information such as traffic,
page loads, referrals, search strings etc for your site. Password needed.
Example for sitename 'hownottorunacomic'

Atrus's Taglossary
An excellent and thorough listing of Keenspace Tags,
their functions and how to use them

The Keenspace Guide
The complete listing of all Keenspace comics.

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